Utilizing the BID Grant Program

The BID is funded by a property tax increment fund. These monies are then directed back into the district for the purpose of revitalization and development.
The BID offers grants in the following areas:
Facade Grant Program.
A program designed to stimulate the development of downtown properties and continue the improvements to the exterior appearance of downtown properties.
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New and existing business grant.
A program designed to continue improvements to the appearance of the interior of the properties. This grant is designated for permanent improvements to the property only.
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Residential grant.
For residential redevelopment projects with an expenditure that exceeds $40.00 per square foot, the BID will grant an amount per square foot that is 10% of the total cost per square foot.

The BID approves up to $60,000 in residential grant money per fiscal year.
The BID has awarded the following residential grants:
Fiscal year 2007-2008           Dunn Brown Building
Fiscal year 2008-2009           Discovery Meadows
Fiscal year 2009-2010           Montana Building
Fiscal year 2010-2011           Hastings Apartments
Fiscal year 2011-2012            Subway Building
Fiscal year 2012-2013           Margaret Building
Fiscal year 2013-2014         Rocky Mountain Building

The BID approves up to $60,000 in residential grant money per fiscal year. 

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All grant applications must be submitted to the BID office in written form, utilizing the BID Grant Program Application Packet. The BID Board of Directors will review the packet and determine the grant award based on the annual budget. Requests will be acknowledged in writing.  Projects are not eligible for any work completed prior to receipt of application. Grants will be funded once all criteria are met, the project is complete and the business is open.  If grant funds are exhausted for the fiscal year payment of your grant may be postponed until the funds are available.

The BID Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month in the BID office, unless otherwise posted.  In order to have information complete and comply with the open meetings act we need all applications completed and turned in one week prior to the Board meeting.  Please refer to the timeline below:


1/7/2016                                          1/14/2016
2/4/2016                                          2/11/2016
3/3/2016                                          3/10/2016
4/7/2016                                          4/14/2016
5/5/2016                                          5/12/2016
6/2/2016                                          6/9/2016
7/7/2016                                          7/14/2016
8/4/2016                                          8/11/2016
9/1/2016                                          9/8/2016
10/6/2016                                        10/13/2016
11/3/2016                                        11/10/2016
12/1/2016                                        12/8/2016

Ten-Year Report of Grant Activity 1999-2009

Façade Grants (exterior)
Total amount façade grants funded over the past 10 years = $107,218.00

New & Existing Business Activity (interior)
Total amount business grants funded over the past 10 years = $405,368.00

Residential Development
Total amount residential grants funded over the past 10 years = $20,140.00

Business Internet Connection Grants
Total amount internet connection grants funded over the past 10 years = $5,205.00