Traffic Signal Box Project 2013

Press Release

Date:  February 28, 2013
Contact:  Joan Redeen 727-5430
For Immediate Release
Great Falls, Montana –

The Great Falls Business Improvement District (BID) is pleased to announce the continuation of its Traffic Signal Box (TSB) program for local artists interested in design of public art on selected traffic signal boxes within the BID boundaries.  The program is part of an effort to continue beautification in Downtown Great Falls. The TSB Art Project enhances the pedestrian and driving experience by incorporating artwork directly into the streetscape.  Phase one involved seven TSB’s completed during the summer of 2011 on Central Avenue.  Phase two involved five additional TSB’s located on 1st and 2nd Ave South. Phase three will commence on May 15, 2013 and will include seven additional TSB’s located on 1st Ave North.  Installation of all TSB’s completed during the summer, 2013, will be accomplished using vinyl and will be done by the Clean Slate Group.

The TSB Art Project is a public art opportunity open to all artists residing in Cascade County.  Artists who wish to participate can review the Call to Artists for the specific requirements.  The Call to Artists can be picked up at the BID office located at 13 5th Street North or downloaded from our website at  Emerging artists are encouraged to apply.

The Call to Artists is being made public on Friday, March 1st.  The submission deadline for artists to be considered for the project is Friday, May 3rd at 12:30pm.

Download the Call to Artists HERE