Great Falls Development Authority

Great Falls Development Authority (GFDA) is dedicated to the growth and diversification of business in the Great Falls trade area.  Through Strategic Assistance, Financing, Work Force Training and Assistance, Site Selection and Government Contracting we can help you with a successful business endeavor.  Assistance from the initial planning stages through to final financing or a reevaluation of an existing business We also offer assistance for companies looking to expand an existing business as well as second stage development of operations.   We work closely with the City of Great Falls as well as the State of Montana in ensuring we utilize all available resources to assist your business whether it’s a new project or .

Call Jeremiah Johnson, VP Marketing TODAY at 406-771-9029 today to discuss your project and how GFDA can work with you to help make your project a reality.

Please contact this office at:
Great Falls Development Authority, Small Business Development Center and High Plains Financial
Brett Doney – President/CEO, Great Falls Development Authority
Rebecca Engum – VP of Business Strategy, Small Business Development Center
Jeremiah Johnson – VP of Marketing
For assistance with your business venture, please call (406) 771-9020.
300 Central Ave, Suite 406
PO Box 949
Great Falls, MT 59403

City of Great Falls
Funding and financial assistance programs are available through the City of Great Falls and relevant federal programs that are associated with community development. Information on programs such as the Community Development Block Grant Fund, CTEP funding and Fair Housing Services can be found at

These programs are designed to provide assistance in developing and rehabilitating the areas of properties, streetscape improvements and developments designed to improve areas within the city.

The City of Great Falls offices are located in the Civic Center, Park Drive and Central Ave, Downtown. Contact the Planning and Community Development Department for more information at (406) 455-8433.

USDA Rural Development
Please refer to for programs that may be applicable to projects for your residential housing development.

NeighborWorks Great Falls
Loans for down payments are available for home buyers. Loans may be deferred for income-qualified borrowers. Loans to individual home buyers are made after the first mortgage is approved by a lender. Deferred mortgages require an inspection of the home by a qualified Housing Quality Standards inspector. Pre-development and development loans are available for developers who partner with NeighborWorks Great Falls to develop housing in the downtown area. Development loans are based on individual characteristics for the project and the co-developer.
For more information, contact Sheila Rice or Alan Henry at (406) 761-5861.