How we work

In 1989, organizational leaders in Great Falls introduced the idea of creating a BID to the property owners of Downtown Great Falls.

The BID is operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who are property owners or their designated representatives from within the district; with additional administrative support within their office setting. All board members are elected by the City Commissioners and serve a four-year term with an option to renew for one additional four-year term. The BID has proven itself to be a vital part of the downtown area providing for improvement and beautification.

The BID offers many grant programs to new and existing businesses within the tax assessment district. Façade grant dollars are available for permanent renovations and improvements made to buildings for both new and existing businesses and property owners. New Business Development Grants are designated to the interior, permanent renovations done to the interior of business space and is available to both businesses and property owners. Residential Development Grant dollars are available for those property owners only looking to renovate properties for permanent residential development. All grant dollars are based on criteria listed on this website. These grants are designated for partial cost reimbursement and given at completion of project.

Keep up to date with all of the BID’s efforts to continually improve downtown Great Falls and cultivate the businesses that make this their home!

What areas does the BID cover? View an online map here, or download a high quality map suitable for printing here. Looking for properties to rent, lease or own office or retail space? Click here to view our regularly-updated listings!