Downtown in the Press – National Cash Mob Day 3/24/12

Great Falls proudly hosted the first Cash Mob in the state of Montana on National Cash Mob Day – Saturday, March 24th!

Everyone attending met up on the steps of the Civic Center at 11am, at that time it was announced that we were all headed to Pizazz to shop!  The rules for a Cash Mob are very simple: 1. Have fun; 2. Meet 3 new people; and 3. Spend $20.  The only requirement for the store is that it must be able to accommodate both male and female shoppers.  With the BID and DGFA working together to bring this fun event to downtown Great Falls we did add one more stipulation, the store had to be a member of Downtown Great Falls Association.  Once the list of stores was compiled all names were placed in a hat and the winning store was drawn – congrats to Pizazz on having the honor of hosting the state’s first Cash Mob!|topnews|text|Frontpage

For more information on Cash Mobs check out: