Adopt-a-Tree Program

Date:  June 1, 2012
Contact:  Joan Redeen 727-5430
For Immediate Release
Great Falls, Montana –

Continuing our beatification efforts in downtown Great Falls the Great Falls Business Improvement District (BID) is launching an Adopt-a-Tree program.  Within the BID boundaries there are 331 trees.  In September, 2009, the City of Great Falls allotted $50,000 of Tax Increment Fund dollars for the BID to replace, maintain and tend to the trees.  Those funds have been used replacing over 20% of the trees downtown, weeding, and long overdue pruning.  As a result of the past three years the trees have never looked better but the need for ongoing, routine maintenance remains.  The BID is serious about protecting our trees and maintaining the appeal downtown Great Falls offers to our community, but we can’t do it alone.

Some important facts to consider:  studies have shown that every $1 dollar spent on maintaining trees, the public receives $3 worth of benefits, primarily in the form of reduced heating and air conditioning bills and higher property values; trees not only bring an aesthetic appeal to Downtown Great Falls, they also play an important role in filtering out pollution; and they absorb noise, calm traffic, reduce stress and crime and create a peaceful place to relax and socialize.

How can you help? Participate in our Adopt-a-Tree Program! Each adoption commitment is for five (5) years, and costs $375 per tree ($75 per year for five years).  We will acknowledge your sponsorship with a personalized plaque on the tree or trees of your choice for five years, and on our website.  Adopt-a-Tree contributions are tax deductible.

For more information, please contact the BID office at 13 5th Street N, (406) 727-5430 or  This program is open to any interested members of the Great Falls community.

For complete information and the application, click here BID Adopt a Tree Program 2012