6th Annual Cash Mob 4/29/17

Cash Mob
We are holding Great Falls’ 6th Annual Cash Mob!

(See the link below if you are unfamiliar with what this is.)

Saturday, April 29th
Everyone who is coming must meet at 10am at
Food Frenzy
600 Central Ave
Let’s make a GREAT showing!

There are only three rules:
1. Spend $20
2. Meet three people you didn’t know before
3. Have FUN!!

It’s that easy!

Just show up at 10am at Food Frenzy and we’ll let you know the rest when you get there!

Don’t forget –
Saturday, April 29th at 10am at Food Frenzy located at
600 Central Ave
We’ll see YOU Downtown!

#CashMob #DowntownGF

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